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User management is key functionality of TDS portal. You can effectively manage permissions for servers, applications and SaaS in unified way through portal.

What do you want to do?

If you need just access to Jira/Confluence/GitLab/ ....

  • Please ask your Team leads who are usually Admins of Portal workspaces, Jira projects, confluence spaces - they are responsible for user management
  • This speed up the whole process, because TDS team has to ask owner who can access the service.
  • If the workspace admin is not sure, what to do, please send them this manual
  • If you are not sure who is admin, please raise a ticket in TDS Portal

If you are admin or owner of Jira/Confluence/ Gilab/ ...

  • If yo want to add user to SaaS service - the first the user account must be member of the workspace and TDS portal
  • To add user to the Workspace
    • In your Workspace click on Members (left side) → Add member
    • If user haven't got account in TDS portal → Invite member 
    • If user have got account → Add member
    • Check user workspace roles for the new member
  • To add user to the SaaS 
    • choose you SaaS → Members → Add member
    • Member must exists in your workspace
    • Check user SaaS roles