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The TietoEvry DevOps Space (TDS) provides unified backup service for all of its environments, although backup and restore procedures may be data centre center specific.

Backup service details

Backup and restore procedures are tested quarterly on all of the TDS environments.

Public cloudEnterprise cloud
Period between backups24 hours

24 hours

Retention10 backups backwards (10 days back)10 backups backwards (10 days back)

Image/Volume Snapshot for servers up to 1.2TB

File based backup for servers over 1.2TB

SaaS servicesBackups are always enabled by default.
Self-managed servers

Backups are disabled by default.

Backups can be enabled by end-users via TDS portal.

RestoreNeed to be requested via ticket.

Restore procedure

In case of need, it is necessary to contact TDS support using channels in as described in Contacts.

Take into account that the bigger the server is, the longer restore procedure takes.


  • In case when 1:1 restore is possible or required (when latest data are not necessary)
    • This is usually matter of few minutes for small or few hours for medium servers' storage (tens up to lower hundreds of GB). Large storage about 1-2TB can be usually restored within 1 day approximately.
  • In case when partial restore is needed
    • This usually takes usually hours or even a whole day to restore to a different server. In case of huge server around 1-2TB it can take even several days.

Timing depends on infrastructure provider, current infrastructure load, data structure and consistency, for example partial restores with huge amounts of data and zillions of smaller files usually take lot longer time.

The restore procedures are tested regularly due to the TDS validation clock in each infrastructure.