Here you can find the meanings of most used terms from TDS Portal and this manual.


Application - Application (e.g. Artifactory, SonarQube) that you manage and customize installed on virtual servers in cloud.


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) - Multi-step account login process that requires users to enter more information than just a password. When you enable MFA in TDS Portal, you will be prompted to setup an application (eg. FreeOtp Authenticator) that generates one-time password every time when you login.


Organization - Organization is the unit inside the TDS Portal that is completely separate from other organizations. It usually represent company, organizational unit, department or branch. You can't share resources, or billing costs between organizations.


Resources - Resources represent virtual resources in cloud (num. of free servers, CPUs, GBs of RAM and TB of disk space) that can be assigned to each workspace. You can consume these resources to deploy applications and servers in your workspace.


SaaS - Pre-installed applications managed as SaaS to your workspace, e.g. Jira projects, Confluence spaces or git repositories. SaaS applications available are managed by the TDS service including application installation handling, operation and lifecycle management.

Server - Virtual server in cloud deployed via TDS Portal. You can manage members, backups, resources, and firewall openings from TDS Portal and also browse logs and usage information.

Service account - Service account is user account generated in TDS Portal workspace that can become member of any workspace, SaaS, application or server and can be used to automate tasks without need to input your own password into scripts. 


Trash - Deleted applications and servers are stopped and moved to trash where they wait for 14 days to be deleted. Resources will be charged the same way as for stopped server. Domain and IP address will be still reserved and cannot be used for other servers. You can delete servers manually in trash.


Workspace - Workspace usually represents team of people collaborating on the same goal. 

Changes in new TDS Portal

New portal comes with some new key-words. You can find the changes in table below

Old TDS PortalNew TDS PortalReasoning
CompanyOrganizationThis term can describe not only the whole company but also an organizational unit, department or branch.
ProjectWorkspaceThe old term Project was often confused with Jira Project. Also inside one workspace group of people can work on multiple projects at the time.
Users (on organization, workspace, server etc.)MembersEvery user exists as an entity in TDS Portal and can be assigned membership in multiple organizations, workspaces etc. New naming makes it clear that user doesn't exist only in scope of one workspace or server.
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