Manage user

Update user information

If you need to update your user information such as name or email, contact TDS support.


User profile

You access your profile by clicking the icon in upper right corner and choosing Profile from dropdown menu.

User manual contains three section:

  • Profile management: Here you can browse basic information about your account and export it in PDF or vCard format. You can also update SSH key, switch multi-factor authentication (MFA), reset your OTP token or password.
  • SaaS: Here you can see what information are TDS applications storing regarding your account.
  • Structure: Here you can see your role assignments across the whole TDS tool chain.

Manage all assets for user

You can access permissions management screen from any Members screen by clicking action menu next to your user row and choosing Show memberships.

You can manage all your SaaS, Servers and workspace roles from the screen. By clicking the hamburger menu next to search bar you can set roles in bulk for all workspace servers or all SaaS in application.

Manage service accounts

You can create service account in portal and add memberships to the account. This may come handy when doing automation.

Service accounts are being created in Service accounts section in workspace. Service account can become member of other workspaces but can be managed only by administrators of workspace it was created in. Service account is also automatically deleted when its management workspace is deleted unless it is being changed in advance.

Read more about service accounts in the article.

The recommendation for Tietoevry users

User management and granted access rights must comply with Security rule and Information Classification Rule. Carefully consider what information should be shared and with whom. Follow the rule “need to share”. Restrict access to authorized individuals for specific business purposes and choose the role carefully.

Recommendations and changes are warmly welcomed.

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