It is NOT possible to mount Artifactory repositories as network drives in Windows due to unsupported commands, more information at

However, you can utilise for example opensource for working with files in Artifactory repositories.


Obtain service account credentials and repository URL

Either ask your project administrators to provide you with service account credentials or set it as described at Project Detail#ServiceAccount

Details and credentials in this example are:

Repo URL: https://artifactory.shared.tds.CUSTOMERX.COM/artifactory/myrepoxxxname/
username: srv123abc
password: SomEv3ryNic€PassWORD:)
mount point: /MyRepoMountPoint
script and service name: myreporemount

Create a mount point

mkdir -p /MyRepoMountPoint
chown srv123abc:srv123abc -R /MyRepoMountPoint/

Install the WebDAV module


yum install davfs2 -y


apt-get install davfs2 -y
#Answer NO to unprivileged mouting of webdav mount points

(CONDITIONAL) disable proxies for WebDAV

In case you are working in the environment with network proxies required to access the internet, you might need to disable proxies for davfs.

Simply add following at the end of /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf file:

use_proxy 0

Add service account into secrets file

Edit /etc/davfs2/secrets file:

https://artifactory.shared.tds.CUSTOMERX.COM/artifactory/myrepoxxxname/ "srv123abc" "SomEv3ryNic€PassWORD:)"

Add mount point in fstab

Edit /etc/fstab file

#https://artifactory.shared.tds.CUSTOMERX.COM/artifactory/myrepoxxxname/ /MyRepoMountPoint davfs user,auto,_netdev,nosuid,file_mode=664,dir_mode=775,gid=users,uid=srv123abc 0 0
https://artifactory.shared.tds.CUSTOMERX.COM/artifactory/myrepoxxxname/ /MyRepoMountPoint davfs user,auto,_netdev,nosuid,file_mode=664,dir_mode=775,gid=srv123abc,uid=srv123abc 0 0

Mount prepared mountpoint

mount -av

The response should be like:

#root@jenkinsdev:~# mount -av
#/                        : ignored
#/MyRepoMountPoint: successfully mounted

Create the following re-mount script and service for automatic start

MOUNT_POINT=/MyRepoMountPoint; echo "set -ex; mount -a; ls -la $MOUNT_POINT; touch $MOUNT_POINT/tst; sleep 10; rm -f $MOUNT_POINT/tst; ls -la $MOUNT_POINT" > /usr/local/bin/myreporemount

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/myreporemount
echo "[Unit]
Description=Refresh of Artifactory repository repo mount point
[Install]" > /etc/systemd/system/myreporemount.service

systemctl enable myreporemount
systemctl restart myreporemount
systemctl status myreporemount

What does it do:

  • creates mounting script
  • creates a service unit to autostart/automount after reboot
  • starts synchronisation by creating some file, waiting a few moments and removing that file

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