TDS 5 and newer releases

Release Notes

TDS 4 release notes

TDS 4.9

Confluence 7.15.2 released

Gitlab 14.9.5 released

Network/Firewall improvements in TDS portal:

  • SSH port (22/tcp) is still default port accessible from everywhere on newly deployed servers, but it is not mandatory anymore. It is optional already during server deployment. Firewall is now fully flexible according to your needs.
  • New "_common_" security group was introduced in each project/tenant. It is automatically assigned to all project servers, users can define FW rules in that one group instead of defining same rules in all server security groups. It brings you convenience while it fulfils higher security requirements.

TDS in public cloud now supports more flavors which allows better granularity when choosing HW configuration of servers.

TDS 4.8

CentOS 9 Stream added into store

Gitlab 14.8.5 released

Jira 8.22.1 released

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS added into store

Server order and resize HW configuration improved to be more smooth and understandable

TDS 4.7

Artifactory 6.23.37 released

Gitlab 14.8.2 released

Portal re-branding to match Tietoevry brand.
Servers deployment and resizing reliability improvements. Flavours improved to offer only relevant options in certain occasions. More flavours is now available thanks to dynamic flavours propagation from infrastructure providers.

TDS 4.6

Jira 8.20.5 has been released to address CVE-2021-43947 security issue

Last access information about users is now more accurate

Users now can enable or disable MFA + reset their OTP token in user profile.
Project admins/owners or customer area admins/owners can enable/disable MFA for project or area. MFA can be also enforced for all users including service accounts, or without them.

Windows 2019 Standard added into store (available upon ticket request)

TDS 4.5

Added functionality for enabling and reset of OTP token for TDS Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Bitbucket, Confluence and Jira plugins updates

Confluence 7.15.0 released

TDS 4.4

Bitbucket 7.17.1 released
Confluence 7.14.1 released
Jira 4.20.1 released

TDS 4.3

Bitbucket, Confluence and Jira plugins updates

Jenkins deployment fixed

TDS 4.2

Artifactory 6.23.28 released

Confluence 7.12.5 released

Jira 8.19.0 released

Last access of users is now visible in portal user lists. It is last access of user detected via TDS SSO or LDAP authentication or external authentication like AzureAD.

Subversion WebSVN files download functionality fixed.

TDS 4.1

Gitlab 13.12.8 released

TDS 4.0

Fixes and improvements of admin and owner roles on area and project level.    

TDS 2 and 3 release notes archive

TDS 2.x + 3.x Release Notes archive

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