TDS 5 release notes

TDS 5.9 releases

TDS 5.9.9

Added support for changing icon of an Application.

Improved Invite dialog by disabling Invite button in case the field is empty.

Displaying Alias instead of FQDN throughout Portal in case it is set.

TDS 5.9.8

Added "other" chip in Workspaces dropdown for workspaces where user is not a member.

Resource state when enabling/disabling resources is now displayed in real time.

Upgraded image for Fedora servers from version 39 to version 40 for all new instances.

Delete SaaS dialog now displays the name of SaaS being deleted as well as input field to confirm the deletion of SaaS.
Fixed issue where Organization admin was not able to see content of "Other workspaces" tab in the Workspaces list
Fixed issue where resources showed NaN instead of an expected number in the graph.

TDS 5.9.7

Added "Under maintenance" banner to resources section when Portal or Workspace is in maintenance mode.

Remove displaying of duplicated users in "Add member" dialog.

TDS 5.9.6

Added optional restriction of use of IP address and use of 0 mask in definition of Remote IP in firewall. Available only for Portal and Organization admins.

Fixed issue where Organization admin was not able to manage Organization members via Portal.
Fixed issue where newly invited user is not added to Organization or Workspace automatically.

TDS 5.9.5

Fixed automated setting of default user role on workspace when creating it.

TDS 5.9.4

Fixed workspace role management that returned error message when modifying roles.

TDS 5.9.3

Changing workspace now preserves context and opens new workspace in the same section.

Mobile view for user membership implemented in new UI.

Fixed service account name update.

TDS 5.9.2

TDS 5.9.1

Fixed decreased performance of the Portal.

TDS 5.9.0

Fixed Fedora 39 represented as Fedora 37
Fixed pagination on organization invoices page.
Removed User management section from server detail so as not to confuse users that User management is available for Windows servers.

TDS 5.8 releases

TDS 5.8.9

GitLab 5.8.3 released
GitLab 5.8.4 released
GitLab 5.8.5 released
GitLab 5.8.6 released
GitLab 5.9.8 released
GitLab 5.10.6 released
Fixed deployment of CentOS 8 servers

Added displaying of backups (images and volumes) in Storage section

TDS 5.8.8

Invitation not sending email when using capital letters in email address fixed
Importing of users on portals without associated AD failing was fixed

TDS 5.8.7

Portal now showing relevant error when user is facing insufficient resources when ordering server/app
IP field added to external items creation screen
Fixed volumes sync between Portal and Cloud on PUB

TDS 5.8.6

Redesigned notification emails from Portal

TDS 5.8.5

External items no longer displayed on roles user profile page
Fixed pagination and sorting of invoices on Billing screen
Subversion, SeedDMS and Artifactory now deployed on CentOS9 by default

TDS 5.8.4

GitLab 16.6.2 released
GitLab 16.6.4 released
GitLab 16.6.6 released
GitLab 16.7.5. released
Added GoEdit - Direct Attachment Edit for Jira Jira plugin
Issue with external item not being able to be saved when instance type is changed fixed
Fixed issue with updating CC/TERP of workspace via Portal

TDS 5.8.1

Artifactory 7.71.8 released

TDS 5.8.0

Bitbucket 8.9.8 released to address security issues

Bitbucket 8.9.9 released to address security issues

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