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Congratulation - you have just start using the Confluence.  One thing you have known - Confluence is easy to use, you can learn (almost) everything just by using it.

Create page

  • Here you probably starts. You will create a new empty page as a subpage of the current page. Note the "..." nearby. Here you can also create page, but with predefined template (meeting notes, blogs and many other)

Edit page 

  • Here you go to page edit mode. It deserves own chapter.

Space tools 

  • this section is mostly for space admin
  • but any user with write rights can reorder pages here

Page options

  • copy the page, page info, restriction (see space tool section), export, page history
  • here you can also revert  to previous page version

Home page 

  • Each space has its home page. When you visit the space, you will start here. Make sure this page is representative for visitors

Don't forget to visit the Official Atlassian Confluence User Guide for further study. 

How to Edit your page 

Confluence is easy to use WYSIWYG editor. Put cursor on icon to see hints. 



Update and preview

  • Here you save and publish your work. Confluence will also save drafts regularly. 
  • Notify watcher - to avoid spamming, let the button unchecked
  • "..." Here can you find the preview 

Page layout

  • Split page into two or three parts
  • Add new section
  • And of course remove the section


  • Macros make the confluence magic. All (non addon) spells are listed here
  • To add a new macro click on "+" symbol. To edit macro click on the macro.
  • It supports to collect and organize Confluence pages, blogs, and files ( pictures, symbols and also Jira issues).
  • "Other macros" is where the fun begins - you have to go through and find the stuff you like the most

Other macros are divided so several categories. Honorable mentiones: 

  • Confluence content  
    • let the confluence displays page tree
    • search for labeled pages
    • show confluence users 
  • Navigation
    • more searching through confluence
  • Reporting
    • When you like graphs, tables and statistics
  • Formatting
    • when you want your page nice
    • here are columns, expand macro, code block


How set Space tools

This section is mostly for space admins. Available are:



  • space details - contains name of the space and the space key
  • admins are able to change name of the space and set different home page
  • keys are not possible to change


  • this part is important 
  • Permissions - are set per the whole space - There are three "roles/groups": admin, read/write, reader
    • do not change the setting, It should be done in TDS portal
    • if you want to make space public (visible for everyone) ask TDS team (well, do not do that - you don't want make your space public)
  • Restrictions 
    • are set per page
    • you can use restriction when you hide some pages and the rest of the pages should be available
    • Permissions are the fist level, you have to access the space, then you can see the restricted pages
    • restriction say who can access the page and not who cant
    • it is usually not set in space tools, use "..." in pages option and small lock icon on top of the page
    • restriction are inherited from pages above

Content Tools

  • reorder pages - self explanatory - just drag and drop - can be done by user with edit page rights 
  • trash - when you delete some pages, you can still find them here before it will be purged forever
  • export - you can export the whole space or parts it PDF, HTML or XML

Look and Feel

  • well -  the most important is Color scheme section - you can change color of top banner of confluence for you space 


  • here you see some statistic
  • the most popular page
  • the most active contributor