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Sometimes it happens that accessing Gerrit, Subversion (SVN) or some other services behind Apache or NGINX reverse proxy with basic authentication (even with SSO involved) shows empty page and 401 unauthorized error. Apart from other reasons one of the most frequent reasons why it happens is actually setting in the browser, which prohibits usage of basic authentication. If there are no other authentication options on server available, then server actually delivers empty page or shows 401 (Unauthorized) status code and error message.


Workaround for Edge browser to allow support for basic authentication

  • on Windows we need to import registry entry
  • on Linux we need to create managed policy
    • make sure your account is in sudoers or you run those commands under root
    • make sure folder exists:

      Code Block
      sudo ls -lah /etc/opt/edge/policies/managed/

    • If folder does not exist, make sure you are using Edge and find out proper location on your system
    • If folder exists then create policy as in this example, including "z" prefix (or other one suitable for your setup) to make sure our policy is potentially overriding other existing policies by being alphabetically after whatever policy files you have present:

      Code Block
      echo '{"AuthSchemes":"basic,ntlm,negotiate"}' | sudo tee /etc/opt/edge/policies/managed/z-authschemes-policy.json
      # Our policy must be in the end of list to have a good chance to override other policy files:
      sudo ls -lah /etc/opt/edge/policies/managed/
      # Now just checking that it was written properly:
      sudo cat /etc/opt/edge/policies/managed/z-authschemes-policy.json

    • Then close and restart Edge browser completely.
    • Basic authentication for Edge browser shall be now enabled. You can follow CheckingbasicauthenticationstatusinEdgebrowser Browser shows empty page and 401 unauthorized error#CheckingbasicauthenticationstatusinEdgebrowser to verify it.