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TDS 3.0.2

Release Notes

Added login/logout button to SVN web

Added new SSO for Artifactory SaaS (PRO version only)

Added new SSO for Gitlab SaaS

Bitbucket SaaS upgraded to v5.15.0

Fixed issues with deleting docker repository in Artifactory SaaS
Fixed issues with publishing scoped packages to npm repository in Artifactory SaaS


Release NoteNotes

Fixed issues with adding service account to SaaS service

TDS 3.0.1

Release NoteNotes

Added new SSO for TDS Portal

Changed default project role in TDS Portal to User
Fixed link to privacy statement in TDS Portal

TDS 3.0

Release NoteNotes
Added new SSO for selected TDS SaaS applications (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, SVN)

Added option to create servers with dashes in hostname

TDS SaaS Confluence upgraded to v6.11.2

TDS SaaS Gitlab upgraded to v10.8.7


Release NoteNotes

Minor bug fixes

TDS 2.8

Release NoteNotes

Added Reader role to TDS Portal

Added option to create SaaS services with read-only anonymous access in all TDS SaaS applications


Release NoteNotes

Minor bug fixes

TDS 2.7.2

Release NoteNotes

Moved Feedback and Help Center links in TDS Portal from page footer to buttons in left side menu and profile menu

Removed option to add custom security groups in TDS Portal. Each server has its own security group created automatically.


Release NoteNotes

Added support for dashes in entity names for Artifactory, Bitbucket, SeedDMS and SVN

TDS 2.7.1

Release NoteNotes

TDS Jira SaaS upgraded to v7.9.2

Removed TDS SaaS Easy Project, SonarQube and Testlink from TDS store (existing instances are not affected)

TDS 2.7

Release NoteNotes

Added Windows Server 2016 to TDS store in private instances

Removed option to select LDAP authentication for new servers


Release NoteNotes

Added support for subgroups to Gitlab SaaS, repositories can now be created in different (even nested) subgroups

Updated password policy for service accounts to be the same as for regular user accounts

TDS 2.6.2

Release NoteNotes

Added option to download personal data from TDS portal in PDF or vCard format

Additional repository types enabled for Artifactory SaaS (Git LFS, Helm, Ivy, Ruby Gems, Bower, Vagrant, Chef, CocoaPods, sbt, Opkg, PyPl, Conan, PHP Composer)

Option to request virtual resources is now disabled by default when creating project in TDS portal

Fixed issue with reusable password reset links sent from TDS portal


Release NoteNotes
Fixed issue with missing menu items in TDS portal

TDS 2.6.1

Release NoteNotes
Added Windows Server 2016 in TDS public store
Enhanced ssh key support. Supported ssh keys: ssh-rsa, ssh-dsa, ssh-ecdsa 
Import of multiple user to TDS using csv file in admin section
Registration of external users supported in TDS with enabled AD
TDS SaaS Artifactory upgraded to v5.10.1
Ubuntu 16.04 image updated to the latest version 
Centos 7 image upgated to the latest version
Due to implementation of new features, it is possible that users will loose some of SaaS favorites in project dashboard in TDS portal. Newly added favorites will not be affected.


Release NoteNotes
Special characters enabled in username

TDS 2.6

Release NoteNotes
Easy user searching in user list
Sorting and filtering of users using names or roles
Support of SonarQube plugins using update center
TDS GitLab SaaS upgraded to v10.

TDS 2.5.2

Release NoteNotes
Added info to registration form about personal data usage
TDS Bitbucket SaaS upgraded to v5.7.


Release NoteNotes
Added user view of his personal data stored in TDS

TDS 2.5.1

Release NoteNotes
Added description of backup image in Storage view
Disabled using of password to ssh service on servers with ssh key authentication
Removed server logs after retention period
TDS Confluence SaaS upgraded to v6.5.2
TDS GitLab SaaS upgraded to v9.5.6
TDS Jira SaaS upgraded to v7.6.2

TDS 2.5

Release NoteNotes
Updated JIra and Confluence plugins
User can enable/disable in his profile view of his personal data items in portal
SaaS user's personal data pseudonymization
Server backup tab to enable/disable daily server backup
Take-over for migration of 3rd party Atlassian project to TDS
Custom invoice line period
TDS status page link visible in portal

TDS 2.4.1

Release NoteNotes
Only necessary ports open after server deployment
Service catalogue visible in project without cloud resources
TDS DB backups encrypted

TDS 2.4

Release NoteNotes
Added verification of backup data integrity
Admin can get statistics of users in Custore Area and portal
Artifactory automated deployment
Customer can use his dedicated DNS subdomain
EasyProject automated deployment
Identity service is accessed directly using single TDS host
Improved LDAP authentication security
Management of user retention periods added
Pseudonymized personal data, when user is removed from TDS
TDS store content visible even without project cloud resources
reader role added to all TDS SaaS apps

TDS 2.3.2

Release NoteNotes
BitBucket added to TDS SaaS store
EasyProject added to TDS SaaS store
TDS demo sandbox released on

TDS 2.3.1

Release NoteNotes
Automated billing summary report
Delete user from TDS portal and all SaaS
Improved TDS mobile view.
TDS SaaS Confluence updated to v6.3.1
added Portal Owner role responsible for role modifications

TDS 2.3

Release NoteNotes
Adding of cloud resources to TDS project using TDS portal
Automated ssl protected web services in TDS apps (Jenkins, Gerrit, Mattermost, SonarQube)
Improved TDS mobile view.
Multiple service account support in TDS project
OS license billing in customer invoice
Project dashboard in TDS portal.
Server rescue feature for server instances created from volume.
TDS Mattermost app with ssl web service
TDS SonarQube app with ssl web service
Updated ssh key is updated on all used servers.
ldaps protocol used on TDS apps

TDS 2.2.2

Release NoteNotes
Security rule can be deleted or modified.
SeedDMS added to TDS SaaS store

TDS 2.2.1  

Release NoteNotes
Charts optimized for small screens
Invoicing of portal users
Last login date and time in SaaS in user view
OS license billing in customer invoice
Release notes Notess visible from portal

TDS 2.2.0

Release NoteNotes
SaaS admin role is added to user, who created SaaS service
Support for deployment of Sonar with PostgreSQL OR Oracle MySQL databases
TestLink added to SaaS store
Use role modification in user view
User added to project can be automatically added to all project SaaS services
User mass management for SaaS
User profile view modification

TDS 2.1

Release NoteNotes
SaaS description details added
Secure email agent

TDS 2.0

Release NoteNotes
Automated tenant creation (CC)
Confluence added to SaaS
Content voting feature
Improved navigation bar
Mattermost in Apps
Service account in Project
TDS secondary DNS server