User Profile page includes all information related to user's data including his personal data.

User Profile view includes 3 folders:

Personal Data

Personal Data view includes the following user's data:

There are 3 buttons in the Personal data view:

Password change request forwards a user to the Password Change page.

Download button enables users to download his Personal Data in 2 possible formats:

PDF format data includes all user's personal data including his membership and roles in TDS Companies, Projects, SaaS Services and Servers.

Vcard format includes all user's personal data valid for vcard format and import of user's properties to another system which supports vcard import.

Edit button changes Personal Data view to edit mode, which enables modification of:

Password Change

User must enter at first his old password and then the new password and confirmation of the new password.

Password rules

User can't use the same password string as it is actually stored.


Saas tab page includes multiple tabs for all SaaS Services where the user belongs to.

Every SaaS Service tab includes the user's personal data included in the selected SaaS Service.

For example apperf user's SeedDMS SaaS Service tab:


Structure tab page shows all user's personal data visible in TDS structure according to

The Structure view includes the user's roles on every TDS level.