Network View

TDS Project Networks includes TDS Security Groups where user can modify Security Rules related to TDS Servers access.

There is one Security Group named "default" which includes a few default security rules.

For every TDS Server there is created a separate Security Group called "<server hostname>_default".

Security Group List

Security Group List view includes all Server Security Groups and Project Default Security Group.

A Security Group is created automatically when new server is created. There is no need to create security group by user. 

Default Security Group

Default Security Group is enabled by default to all project servers and includes a few Security Rules which enables access from Servers to external networks and opens ssh connection to Servers.

User can't create any new Security Rule in Default Security Group.

Server Security Group

Server Security Group includes Security Rules for a selected server.

Server name is included in Security Group called "<server hostname>_default".

When Server with optional Application is created, TDS Server Security Group is created automatically including all necessary Security Rules for installed Application.

There is a Project quota limit for Security Rules in public TDS - maximum number of Project Security Rules is the same as maximum number of Servers allowed in the Project

User can save changes Server Security Group using button SAVE.

User can cancel his actions in Security Server Group view pressing button Escape.

User can add a new Security Rule into Server Security Group using button ADD.

Add Security Rule

User can add a new Security Rule in that view or modify existing Security Rules.

Security Rule includes the following fields:

User can modify existing Security Rules and save all changes pressing SAVE to write REMOVE action to Server Security Group.