Project Description

Project description line includes a basic description of the open project.


It's the basic Dashboard feature. Stickers are user bookmark list linking him to the needed section in TDS or outside TDS.

The sticker includes Tittle, Icon, Color, URL and Sticker description.

User can modify a sticker pressing a pen icon in the sticker box.

User can delete sticker pressing trash icon in the sticker box.

User can remove My Favorite item pressing the star in My Favorite box.

User can add a new Sticker pressing  button.

My Favorites

Saas - All SaaS items marked as favourites are visible in that section.

Application - All Application items marked as favourites are visible in that section.

Project Detail

Project Detail page includes project properties and Project Service Account(s) properties.

Project Detail view includes:

Button EDIT can modify items:

Button DELETE enables complete removal of the project including removal of all project's SaaS services (not SaaS parents), Servers and Applications.

Service Account

The project Service account is an account, which doesn't belong to a single user, but to the whole project.

Service Account can't be used for working with TDS Portal, but it's possible to use it to access TDS SaaS, Servers and Applications.

Service Account is created automatically when the project is created and is used especially for project automation.

All Project users including Service Account are automatically added to Project Servers with LDAP authentication.

Service Account is charged the same way in TDS as the project's user account.

Service Account view items:

CHANGE PASSWORD buttonEnables changing of Service Account password. The new password must be at least 8 characters long and should contain one number, one character and one special character (eg. @$!%*#?&).
CHANGE SSH KEY buttonEnables adding/modification of Service Account's public ssh key.
Adding Service account into project/application

Follow steps: 

In your project go to Details > Service Account and set a password.

Then go to SaaS Services > your GIT/SVN/Artifactory/JIRA/Confluence project > Users > click on the red plus button and add service account.

You can log in with service account to the application (e.g. create an access token for GIT integration).