TDS 2.2.2


Release Note
Security rule can be deleted or modified.
SeedDMS added to TDS SaaS store



TDS 2.2.1 


Release Note
Charts optimized for small screens
Invoicing of portal users
Last login date and time in SaaS in user view
OS license billing in customer invoice
Release notes visible from portal


TDS 2.2.0


Release Note
SaaS admin role is added to user, who created SaaS service
Support for deployment of Sonar with PostgreSQL OR Oracle MySQL databases
TestLink added to SaaS store
Use role modification in user view
User added to project can be automatically added to all project SaaS services
User mass management for SaaS
User profile view modification


TDS 2.1



Release Note
SaaS description details added
Secure email agent


TDS 2.0



Release Note
Automated tenant creation (CC)
Confluence added to SaaS
Content voting feature
Improved navigation bar
Mattermost in Apps
Service account in Project
TDS secondary DNS server