User can be granted access on 3 levels:

  • TDS portal level
  • TDS project level
  • TDS project application level (Jira, Confluence, etc.)

Inviting users to TDS portal

Before user can be granted access to particular project he needs to be first invited and his account created.

If an admin wants to invite new user, he can do it by using  button under project Users tab. Once user receives to his email an invitation he can perform sign up and create his account. Now he will be able to log in to TDS portal.

Adding users to TDS project

Page Users shows the list of users connected with this Project. Project owner or admin can add already existing users to a Project using button. If user is not in Customer area than he/she can be invited directly from add user modal window (as described in above). 

Once user is granted access to TDS project and can be found among all project Users.

If you want a new user to have access to all SaaS applications for your project tick the option Add to all services when inviting the user. 

There are 3 types of users:

  • user - common user of Project
  • admin - main Project administrator
  • billing - activates page Billing

Adding user to project SaaS application(s)

Once user is member of project he can be granted user / administrator access to one or more SaaS application as JIRA, Confluence, Git, etc. Project admin / owner can add user to particular application using  button available for each application under left menu tab SaaS.

Project owner can edit or remove users by clicking on REMOVE.