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Regular readers/users can only see service accounts overview.

Only admins and owners of relevant owner project can manipulate with their service accounts.

In that "Service accounts" view you can:

  • see list of service accounts
  • generate new service accounts
  • remove obsolete service accounts
  • see and manage credentials - following manipulation with service accounts is possible ONLY on service accounts page in project which owns the service account
    • Reset password in case you forget it.
      • Please remember to store it in some password manager. TDS never stores the password, it is known only to those who set it.
      • If you lost or forgot the password, you can reset it there. Remember about existing integrations, it might eventually affect them >> you might need to update credentials in relevant places.
    • View, enable and/or reset service account OTP token for Multi factor authentication (MFA) purposes
      • Please remember to store OTP token in some password manager if you need to re-use it. TDS never stores the OTP tokens, it is known only to those who set it during first login after enabling or reset.
      • If you lost or forgot the OTP token, you can reset it there.
    • View and set public part of SSH Key in order to provide access to servers
      • Change of SSH key is automatically reflected on existing servers
  • see and manage service accounts ownership
    • For each account you can see which project is the owner - basically it means which project is responsible for each account, where you shall seek assistance with relevant account in case of need
    • Each service account is always owned by one project. In case of need, ownership can be transferred. Transfer must be done by member of relevant source and destination projects with at least admin role in both of affected projects.