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Then create new session(s) as following example:

ProperyLinux valueWindows valueComments
Session nameMy nice serverMy nice serverName it as you like.
Server - Hostmyniceserver.myproject.customerx.tds.tieto.commyniceserver.myproject.customerx.tds.tieto.comFQDN or IP of your server
Login<empty><empty>Empty if you use same username on wokrstation and on server, otherwise must be specified here.
Use RSA/DSA key for ssh connection<empty>C:/Users/
<username>/.ssh/id_rsaLinux users usually do not need to enter anything if they use default SSH key locations. Windows users must point to their SSH keys.
Try auto login (via SSH Agent or default SSH key)truetrueIf you need to use different credentials or password, you need to change this to false.
Session typeMATEMATEUsually MATE is installed on servers as it is lightweight. Anyway in case you have installed different desktop environment on server - you must specify it here.

Server side installation


Please note following:

  • This needs to be done on each server that you need to access using X2Go client.
  • We recommend installing Mate desktop environment. Naturally you can install your favourite environment as you like.
  • We also suggest installing Firefox and Chromium browsers. Naturally you can skip them.