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Button DELETE enables complete removal of the project including removal of all project's SaaS services (not SaaS parents), Servers and Applications .


Service Account

Project Service account is an account, which doesn't belong to a single user, but to the whole project.


CHANGE PASSWORD buttonEnables changing of Service Account password. New password must be at least 8 characters long and should contain one number, one character and one special character (eg. @$!%*#?&).
CHANGE SSH KEY buttonEnables adding/modification of Service Account's public ssh key.
Personal Token Creation


Adding Service account into project / application

Follow steps: 

In your project go to Details > Service Account and set password (in case that you are not using service account already).

Then go to SaaS Services > your GIT/SVN/Artifactory/JIRA/Confluence project > Users > click on red plus button and add service account.

You can login with service account to GIT and create personal tokenapplication (e.g. create access token for GIT integration).