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TDS 5 release notes

TDS 5.0

Artifactory 7.41.4 released

Known issues after upgrade and their solutions:

  • Some users (typically service accounts) might start getting "Access denied" error when accessing Artifactory. In such case affected service account password you need to change/reset its password via TDS portal in project detail. In case of issues with your own account you need to reset your own TDS password. Internally reported as TDSDEV-14773 bug.
  • Very oudated systems can start getting errors like "Received fatal alert: handshake_failure." when accessing Artifactory. Reason is that TDS reverse proxy between clients and Artifactory does not support weak/insecure ciphers anymore as part of security hardening activities. Solution is to update relevant components like openssl libraries, java runtime where your client application is running and other parts of operating system to support "AES256+EECDH:AES256+DHE" ciphersuites with TLS 1.2 protocol. Internally reported as TDSDEV-14774 bug.

Bitbucket 7.17.8 released to address security fixes

Gitlab 14.10.5 released to address security fixes

Jira 8.22.6 released to address security fixes

Improvements for firewall rules management:

  • UI refactoring from dialogue window to list view avoiding accidental closure during rules editing + adding more features
  • Introducing bulk editing allowing easy copy/paste (export/import) if you would like to maintain many rules in multiple security groups.
  • Security groups status is updated when some rules adding/removing is in progress
  • Coloured status icons better representing statuses of rules
  • multiple rules verification fixes

TDS 4 release notes

TDS 4.9