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Table of Contents

TDS 5 release notes

TDS 5.3.3

Gitlab 15.6.6 released to mitigate critical security bugs CVE-2022-41903 and CVE-2022-23521

Subversion server updated to 1.14
WebSVN updated to 2.8.1

CentOS and Ubuntu images updated to latest possible releases

TDS 5.3.2

Gitlab 15.6.4 released

Gitlab Kubernetes Agent Server (KAS) is now fixed in order to support connecting K8S Cluster to Gitlab. Please follow instructions and supported K8S versions in documentation:

User invitations allow to use "add to all services" functionality in order to grant them default roles and accesses as desired and required by significant number reported feedback queries.

Backups disabling now contains warning that backups will be instantly deleted when disabled.

TDS 5.3.1

Area and project level user management improvements for better overview

TDS 5.2.5

Final cleaning of TDS ldap structures obsolete data. All services known to us were already de-integrated. However if there is still some service left, it will be integrated using SSO if support query is raised.

TDS 5.2.4

Bitbucket 8.6.1 released

Confluence 7.19.4 released

Jira 9.4.0 released