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  • TDS portal project, more can be found in Project management
  • Possessing project dedicated TDS service account credentials
  • Gitlab repositories created in this portal project
  • Jenkins deployed in this particular project and possessing admin permissions in that Jenkins


  • grant service account proper accesses into all relevant Gitlab projects/repositories using TDS portalportal User management
  • get service account token
    • open incognito/private browser window so that you do not interfere with your current Gitlab session
    • login to Gitlab using service account credentials
    • verify that service account has proper access to relevant projects/repositories - at least that it can see them
    • generate the token, give it some reasonable description and validity
    • copy the token somewhere as you will not see it again
    • close the window
  • install Gitlab plugin into Jenkins
    • install Gitlab plugin using plugin manager
    • configure Gitlab details in Jenkins tools configuration
    • use token generated earlier
  • prepare Jenkins job which is expected to be triggered automatically
    • create or navigate to relevant Jenkins job
    • configure the job to accept triggers
  • configure Gitlab project/repository integration with Jenkins job
    • navigate to relevant Gitlab project/repository settings
    • configure trigger(s) for branches and provide Jenkins job URL for triggering