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  • Think twice how you call build, especially if you are using shared instance. If two independent projects will create build with same name, builds will be merged into one.
    Renaming build works same as creating new one, action from oper. team will be required. (Recreating permissions)
  • Run job and create build.

  • Next step will differ by used artifactory

    I am using project specific Artifactory instanceI am using shared Artifactory instance
    • If build is visible, no special action needed.
    • If build is not visible to you, then create ticket {oper. team should fill how}
    • Newly created build will be invisible to anybody except system administators.
    • As next create ticket {oper. team should fill how} and oper team will create build
      permission target for you.

Do I need create ticket after each build run?


Shared vs project artifactory instances

  • In most cases configuration "" have to be unchecked.
  • But on some project instances (where user can see all builds) can be this enabled.
  • If this configuration will be enabled, you will get rid of handling build permissions.
  • Steps: Artifactory#SetAllowBasicReadofBuildRelatedInfo

Upgrade steps

How to create permissions