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  • Whole environment is running in public cloud and to internal network is not allowed from there
  • Recommended solution master/agent setup, when master runs in public environment and agent is running on server located in private network performs needed tasks in internal/private networks. Jenkins Agent has active connection from internal network to internet accessible Jenkins Master via recommended JNLP port tcp/9000 and keeps listening to builds/jobs. NO direct or NAT network connection is required from internet to internal network. It is secure and simple solution.
    Gliffy Diagram

    • Jenkins master running in public and listening on JNLP port tcp/9000
    • firewall opening for port tcp/9000 from source agent(s) IP(s) in internal network towards internet in general (destination
    • servers running in internal network(s) hosting Jenkins agent service(s) with agent service auto-start to assure automatic re-connect to Jenkins master at any time