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Release Note

Added CSV formatted user lists into every user listing in portal. It is useful for exporting users for auditing or migration purposes.

Confluence 7.12.0 released

Jira 8.16.1 released

Possibility to define server alias and wildcard alias have been added in server settings.

Re-trigger server orchestration functionality improved and possibility to clear queued orchestration actions added into server settings.


Release note

Artifactory 6.23 released

TDS portal and identity graphics and links were updated with latest TietoEvry resources

Support for ssh-ed25519 SSH keys added into TDS user profile and for service account project detail view.


Release note

Confluence 7.8.3 released

Jira 8.13.1 released


Release note

Confluence 7.8.1 released

Jira 8.13.0 released