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Release Note
Added user view of his personal data stored in TDS

TDS 2.5.1

Release Note
Added description of backup image in Storage view
Disabled using of password to ssh service on servers with ssh key authentication
Removed server logs after retention period
TDS Confluence SaaS upgraded to v6.5.2
TDS GitLab SaaS upgraded to v9.5.6
TDS Jira SaaS upgraded to v7.6.2

TDS 2.5

Release Note
Updated JIra and Confluence plugins
User can enable/disable in his profile view of his personal data items in portal
SaaS user's personal data pseudonymization
Server backup tab to enable/disable daily server backup
Take-over for migration of 3rd party Atlassian project to TDS
Custom invoice line period
TDS status page link visible in portal

TDS 2.4.1

Release Note
Only necessary ports open after server deployment
Service catalogue visible in project without cloud resources
TDS DB backups encrypted