Customer area

Customer area, shortly CA, serves as a general container for Projects of a single Customer. CA owner is a master administration role which has control over users (invite, list, remove) and can see CA total billing information. CA owner can add the role of CA admin which will allow control over users and invitations.

When the user was added to multiple Customer Areas (CA), the user will get CA List View after successful login to public TDS.

CA List View

User can open his CA View clicking on one of CA in a grid of cards or select CA from the drop-down menu in the top of the CA List View (Select area).

CA List View is the top TDS view. User can get back to CA List View clicking on top right Tieto DevOps Space logo.

When the user was added to one CA only, the user is not forwarded after successful login to CA List View, but directly to CA View.

Internal TDS has a single CA, so it's not expected, that CA List View is used in internal TDS.

User can also create a new project in public TDS or request a new project in internal TDS using  button. 


Project List (CA View)

CA View includes Project List View in a grid of cards or drop-down menu and CA menu with the following options:

  • Projects
  • Users
  • Invitations
  • Configuration
  • Billing
  • CC Invoices
  • Cost Centers

Selecting one of the available project user moves to the main TDS projects views - Project Views. The first basic TDS Project View is a Project Dashboard.


CA User List (including Signup) shows all available users invited into current Customer Area.


CA admin or TDS admin can view all sent but not yet confirmed invitations to users invited to TDS CA.

CA admin or TDS admin can remove not confirmed invitation from the list pressing REMOVE button on the invitation line.


CA configuration includes mainly CA billing options.

User Fee is monthly invoiced fee per user in CA visible in CA invoice.

Fee type
per company:SaaS services are invoiced to a company with the single fee calculated for every SaaS.
per cost centre:That Fee type is used in Tieto only. TDS SaaS user costs are shared between all project SaaS services across Tieto and it's assigned to Tieto user's cost center available in Tieto AD.

The description is a short CA description visible in TDS portal.

DELETE button enables removal of TDS CA from the portal. The action is allowed only when all CA projects were removed.


Invoices are created from all Projects inside Customer area and listed in separate menu item called Billing. This is visible only to those with a proper user role.

If the user is added to more than one Customer area than CA selection box in the upper bar will appear.

List of CA months invoices.

Clicking on month invoices line, month invoice details are visible.

Cost Centers Invoices

List of CA Cost Center invoices.

Clicking on Cost Center month invoice line, Cost Center month invoice details are visible.

Valid for Tieto CA only.

Cost Centers

List of valid CA Cost Centers.

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