Instructions for end users that need to continue using standalone services

To be able to continue using standalone Jira or Confluence services, we need projects leads to collaborate with us with integration to relevant TDS portals. Now you will be able to perform user management using the portal by yourself, no need for creating service tickets and waiting until support team does the job. You will be able to create and delete Confluence spaces and Jira projects easily using the portal. You will get also the possibility to manage other services like Gitlab, Artifactory or server deployment functionality. Pricing will not change and portal project owners will get more visibility about costs related to their projects.

Project leads shall first think about:

  • needed user permissions on their used Confluence spaces and Jira projects
    • best is to prepare CSV/EXCEL user list with their roles (reader, user, admin) in the following format

    • if list differs for each space/project you must provide CSV for each of them
    • if some list is the same for multiple spaces/projects then you must specify for which space/project it is suitable
    • these lists can be provided later to TDS support so that users can be imported in batches to make integration faster and reliable
  • relations between their used Confluence spaces and Jira projects
    • based on users and roles lists from the previous step you can identify whether some spaces/projects overlap
      • for example, you can put all of them in one TDS portal project when users/roles list is identical
      • or you can create dedicated TDS portal projects for each space/project if user lists are completely different
    • you can also put multiple spaces/projects into one TDS portal project if they are pretty much related to one delivery
      • in case of the same user list for each space/project, it is ideal as it gives you an easy overview and keeps user management very simple
      • in case of different user lists for each space/project, you might need to disable Mass user management so that users are not synchronised automatically from TDS portal project. This is especially needed when some users shall not have access at all to some spaces/projects.

As soon as you have a clear view of user management and portal projects structure, you can create portal projects in relevant TDS portals according to their current Jira/Confluence:

  • In case of Wikia Confluence and Tasks Jira
  • In case of Saas Confluence and SaaS Jira
    • These services are provided in internet available public cloud, so you must use public TDS portal

If you face any difficulties or the provided information is not clear enough, please do not hesitate to contact TDS support via with URL to your Confluence space(s) or/and Jira project(s) and we will try to assist you.

TDS Workshop: Integration of Standalone legacy ETB Services

SaaS Jira:
SaaS Confluence:

We have prepared this workshop for relevant project leaders to learn about the planned changes. You can find out how is your team and way of working going to be affected. We will also try address your questions in Q&A section.

15 minutes - TDS introduction, 10 minutes - TDS Standalone Services integration description, 30-40 minutes - Q&A.

You can find a video here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How you make sure that we will not lose anything?

  • Let us know which Spaces you are using and to which existing or new portal project we can map them. We can naturally assist you with TDS introduction so that you can start using it as smoothly as possible.
  • What happens to the URLs?
    • In the case of Wikia and Tasks
      • URLs will stay
    • In the case of SaaS Jira and Confluence
      • URLs will change to new URLs under TDS wings for consolidation purposes. TDS will assure proper configurations, integrations and data updates.
      • Users shall update bookmarks
      • If you have some external integrations that need to access Jira/Confluence by URL, you must prepare yourself for this change.
  • Will AD integration/permissions work like now?
    • AD integration is related only to Wikia and Tasks and it will stay as it is.
    • Permissions/Roles
      • You will be able to manage project members roles via TDS portal self-service, so you do not need to file tickets anymore to manage people's accesses. TDS roles format (readers, users, admins) is similar to what you are using nowadays (readers, editors) when contacting TDS support. There are simple steps:
        • you will create your project in TDS portal
        • you will send us CSV/EXCEL with an up-to-date list of people and their roles in format
        • we will import users and set their roles according to your list
        • we will map your Confluence spaces or Jira projects into your prepared TDS portal project
        • we will sync user roles from the portal project into your spaces/projects
  • Will dashboards stay as they are?
    • YES, data are not going to be affected
  • Will Jira issue keys stay as they are as we have some sort of traceability needed in version control?
    • YES, data are not going to be affected
  • Will integrations/links work between spaces?
    • Yes, integrations/links between spaces and projects will be preserved and will keep working. Data are staying inside Confluence/Jira, thus integrations inside and between spaces/projects will work as before.
  • Currently, the customer receives email updates when some changes are done in Jira, will this functionality be preserved?
    • YES, email notifications will be present
  • Currently, our customer reports bugs or provides comments on issues in Jira thanks to email handlers. Will email handlers stay in Jira?
    • In case Tasks Jira
      • YES, we will take care of it
    • In the case of SaaS Jira and Confluence
      • YES, but we need your collaboration as exchange accounts must be migrated into cloud office 365.
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