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End-user instructions

What is changed and why?

  • Artifactory does handle build permissions automatically
  • TDS tried to help users with a workaround of builds being renamed from build name into the repoName-build name. However this feature produced some bugs, so we decided to remove it.

What does it mean to me?

  • Builds renaming will stop happening - it means that instead of the repoName-buildName build will be called buildName.
  • If buildName already exist, then a new version will be created.
  • New builds will be visible to other logged-in users of Artifactory

How I should create build properly?

  • Think twice how you call to build, especially if you are using a shared instance. If two independent projects will create build with the same name, builds will be merged into one.
    Renaming build works the same as creating a new one, action from the oper. team will be required. (Recreating permissions)
  • Run the job and create a build.

    I am using project-specific Artifactory instanceI am using shared Artifactory instance
    • If build is visible, no special action needed.
    • If a build is not visible to you, then create ticket {the oper. team should fill how}
    • The newly created build will be invisible to anybody except system administrators.
    • As next create ticket {oper. team should fill how} and oper team will create a build
      permission target for you.

      Next step will differ by used artifactory

Do I need to create ticket after each build run?

  • No, if build permission already was created, it used for every next build version automatically.
  • Please remember that renaming build is for artifactory same as creating a new one which means that the ticket will have to be created.

Oper team instructions 

Shared vs project artifactory instances

  • In most cases configuration "" has to be unchecked.
  • But on some project instances (where user can see all builds) can be this enabled.
  • If this configuration will be enabled, you will get rid of handling build permissions.
  • Steps: Artifactory#SetAllowBasicReadofBuildRelatedInfo

Upgrade steps

No extra steps needed during an update.

How to create permissions


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