Software as a service (shortly SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as "on-demand software". TDS SaaS instance is maintained and managed by TDS operation team, but TDS user can enable his project TDS SaaS service in TDS SaaS section and manage it using TDS portal.

SaaS Store supports the creation of SaaS Services (called also entities) thanks to running TDS SaaS Parent instances.

SaaS Parents are usually shared across all company projects using Application Sharing for all Customer Area.

But SaaS Parents can be also dedicated to a single project or can be shared with a few projects only.

SaaS Parents are created and managed by TDS team and they are usually placed in TDS controlled project called Shared in every Customer Area.

SaaS Services are created and running on SaaS Parents, thanks to TDS Aurora services.

SaaS Services can be managed by a user with a proper Project role.

SaaS view

SaaS View page includes 3 tabs:

  • Detail
  • Users
  • Settings

Detail page
  1. SaaS Service description
  2. Other attributes of the project SaaS Service, for example:
    1. Type
    2. State
    3. Entity
    4. Entity name

Clicking on SaaS Service item users is moved to SaaS View page.

Users page

Includes List of project users. 

Settings page

It's possible to delete a user's SaaS service from the project. Deleting of the SaaS Service from the project doesn't mean deleting of the server hosting the TDS SaaS managed by TDS team, because TDS SaaS is shared between multiple projects of the company.

SaaS List

SaaS List page shows all project enabled SaaS Services (called sometimes entity).

Every SaaS Service item includes:

  • Icon
  • Name
  • Link icon to SaaS Service URL
  • FQDN
  • Description
  • Star icon indicating Favorite item

Clicking on  icon in SaaS List user is moved to SaaS Store.

SaaS Store

go to: Store - SaaS, Application, Servers,

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