New TDS User

By pressing  button it's possible to add new TDS users (not TDS project users) using CSV file with user's emails.

Entering at least first 2 characters of the user's name TDS portals presents available users from Project User List.

When a user is not available in Project User List, the user needs to add a new user to the current TDS Project at first.

User can use ADD Service Account option to add Project Service Account to the current SaaS Service.

User can use button CANCEL to cancel adding user to the Project.

Server/Application User List (LDAP authentication)

Server User List includes a list of all current project users including his initials: 

  • First Name
  • Surname 
  • Username and
  • Email (when enabled in the user´s profile) 
  • Saas last login information

Total user count is shown in Server on top of the list.

It's possible to sort user list ascending or descending using Username, First Name or Last Name.

User filtering using role switches is available (only one role can be selected).

User role can be granted or removed using Role switches (Admin role) by Project Admin user.

All Project users have access to Project LDAP Servers and Application by default including Project Service Account.

All Project users including Project Service Account are added to Project LDAP group, so it's not possible to remove a user from an LDAP Server only.

Removing a User from Project means the removal of the user from the Project LDAP group and removal of the user from all Project LDAP Servers.

Anonymous management 

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