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Server Deployment


Server is a virtual machine running in Tieto DevOps Space with installed and configured TDS supported operating system.

All Servers are managed by its project's users with proper rights. 

Users with Project Owner rights have full responsibility for his/hers project's Applications, servers management and security protection.

Servers page

Servers page can be found in main tab under SaaS and represents list of virtual servers in projects. Each server in the list has a information about server name, URL, status and Applications (if any).

User also can add server to Favorites by clicking on Star icon in up-right corner for each server.

Click to server name redirects to Detail page:

Detail Basic details about the server including date of creation, authentication type, OS information, username of creator of the server
Connections Information about connecting to the server, commonly via SSH or LDAP
Applications (if applicable)List of applications installed on the server
Users Users and their privileges on the server are managed from this page
Logs List of events listed by date
Usage Graphs about usage of the CPU, RAM and Disk capacity
Backups List of backups, user can enable/disable regular backups of the server
Settings Page for changing server status and capacity. Admin can also Delete server from this page

How to get server

  1. step - Login into TDS portal.
  2. step Button - allows to add new server from the Store. For creating new server simply Select desired server type from the list.  Each item in the list represents a single server.
  3. stepNext page named Store Config displays basic information about the server, estimated price and several checkboxes which can be filled.

    User can change: 

      • hostname (at least 3 characters with at least 1 letter and 1 hypfen "-", maximum characters is 15).
      • authentication method (login to server via ssh)
      • capacity of the server (CPU, RAM and disk capacity)
  4. step - After all information is filled, clicking on Order button will start creating the server. There are several types of information which are already pre-filled but can be changed.

    Only some information need to be filled.


SSH key management




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