Login page

User enters his Username and Password in Login Page dialog, which are used for public TDS authentication and authorization.

User Credentials are stored in public TDS LDAP.

There is no password expiration policy in public TDS.

It's not possible to use TDS project Service Account to login to TDS.

There are the following items on TDS Login Page:

User name

User TDS account id required to log in to TDS service.


User account password

Password rules: 

          • Password must include at least 8 characters but no more that 20 characters.
          • Password must contain at least 1 lower case letter, at least 1 upper case letter and at least 1 digit
          • Password optionally can contain special characters included in square brackets:  [!"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_`{|}~]
          • Only letters from Latin alphabet are accepted
          • Any third party service or application integrated with TDS must accept TDS password rules and be compliant with TDS rules
          • User must be aware of third party application limitations and adapt his password according those rules if necessary
          • Service account password doesn't contain any special characters

Remember Me

         Allow user to remain logged in between browser restarts until session expires.

Create new account 

         User can use Create new account using option.

User is forwarded to TDS request form.

After filling and submitting the Contact request form, email request is sent to TDS Product Owner.

Contact support

         User can use Contact support using option.

User is forwarded to TDS Service Desk.

How to contact support - more ways

Reset (forgotten) password

User need to enter his email address in "Request password reset" dialog.

When user enters email, which is not included in TDS user directory, the dialog is cleared.

After adding user's valid email and confirming of the dialog, user receives Reset Password confirmation view.

User receives Password Reset email message:

When user clicks on the link to New Password dialog before retention period of 24h, the New Password dialog is opened.

User enters new password in New Password view according to TDS password rules.

User can't use the same password string as it is actually stored.

Go to: Single sign on - SSO

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