Generating a SSH key on Linux

  1. From the Terminal or Git Bash, run ssh-keygen
  2. Confirm the default path .ssh/id_rsa
  3. Enter a passphrase (recommended) or leave it blank.
    Remember this passphrase, as you will need it to unlock the key whenever you use it.
  4. Open ~/.ssh/ and copy & paste the contents into the box below, then click on "Add".
    Note that is your public key and can be shared, while id_rsa is your private key and should be kept secret.
  5. Go to TDS portal and click on your name and then in left menu on SSH and then on Add or change key
  6.  Paste the SSH key and click on the Save button.

Once you upload an SSH key it will be used on newly created server for authentication.

SSH key must be in the following format: [key-type] [key] [user-identifier]

[key-type] use ssh-rsa
[key] is the public key
[user-identifier] is your email address in format
Make sure not to include any "ENTER" a SPACE keys between the portions of the inserted text.