Generating a SSH Key in a Windows

  1. Download Putty Key Generator
  2. Run the program and click on Generate and move your mouse (within the SSH generator window) until key is generated

  3. Change Key comment to your Tieto email address in format
  4. Optional: fill Key passphrase and confirm passphrase if you need one.
    If you skip this step then you need to confirm that you want to save the keys without passphrase in the next steps.
  5. Save public key as
  6. Save private key as id_rsa.ppk
  7. From the top menu in Conversions select Export OpenSSH Key and save it as id_rsa
    Note that is your public key and can be shared, while id_rsa is your private key and should be kept secret.

  8. Copy content of "Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file"

  9. Go to the Portal and click on you name and then on SSH and then click on Add or change key
  10. Paste copied key from the step 8. Click on the Save button.


SSH key must be in the following format: [key-type] [key] [user-identifier]
[key-type] use ssh-rsa
[key] is the public key
[user-identifier] is your email address in format
Make sure not to include any "ENTER" or SPACE key between the portions of the inserted text.