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Welcome! You can find here the latest new features.
Scroll down and find more and more possibilities to ease your work.

Roles update for Customer Area

A new possibility to see all projects even without being members of them for customer area admins/owners and portal admins.


Toggle button - to see all customer´s projects or projects user is member of.  

CA Admin is able to manage project without membership the same way as portal admin is currently able to do. 

When CA admin click on any user they have an ability to:

  • see projects that user is member of (projects are collapsible)
  • show all entities (even if user is not member of them)
  • quick user´s roles management
  • administer bunch of various projects centrally
If the admin role is removed at the highest level, it is lost at all levels.

Click on Project Name and show up Application and Services list (the current status set for that user).

Click on Application and Service list ans show up Entities names and what role the user has there.

User default role in Company and Project

Added option to define default User Role on Customer Area (CA) and Project Level in TDS portal.

How to set up default role:

  1. Go to Project details
  2. Click edit
  3. Scroll down menu and set default role (reader, user, admin, owner and etc.)
Combine more roles as a default role (for example admin+billing) is not possible. 
No inheritance from default role on CA level to default role on project level.

Role hierarchy management

See List of Overview of roles on all levels

Now it is not need to set different roles individually.

Newly a Reader role option. 

Role management on project level:

Application version upgrades

JIRA Saas - 7.13.0

Gitlab Saas - 11.5.6

Artifactory Saas - 6.6.3

Gerrit - 2.16.3

Jenkins - 2.150.1

SonarQube LTS - 6.7.6

SonarQube BE - 7.5

Eclipse Ubuntu - Oxygen, Photon

Eclipse Centos - Oxygen, Photon

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