Invoices are created from all Projects inside Customer area and listed in separate menu item called Billing. This is visible only to those with a proper user role.

If a user is added to more than one Customer area than CA selection box in the upper bar will appear.

List of CA months invoices.

Clicking on month invoices line, month invoice details are visible.

Invoice details

CC Invoices

List of CA Cost Center invoices.

Clicking on Cost Center month invoice line, Cost Center month invoice details are visible.

Valid for Tieto CA only.

Cost Centers

List of valid CA Cost Centers.

Billing View

Project Billing includes a list of monthly generated TDS Project invoices.

IaaS billing is based on usage report available in Project Usage view.

Project invoices include all TDS services used by Project:

  • IaaS resources
    • Server instances (Serverhours)
    • CPU usage (GBh)
    • RAM (GBh)
    • Disk (GBh)
    • Volumes (GBh)
    • Images (GBh)
    • Snapshots (GBh)
  • SaaS Services
    • SaaS Services can be charged in a few ways:
      • Per Service
      • Per User
      • Custom Application Pricing

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