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Admin All Projects

TDS Admin can use this page to list and search projects in TDS Portal in all Company Areas.

TDS Admin can see the following columns in Admin Project List:

  • Name
    • Project name
  • Project ID
    • Project portal ID (link to project in user space)
  • Customer area
    • CA name
  • Billing type
    • CostCenter/ProjectTask - Tieto billing, None is for external customers
  •  CostCenter/Project&Task
    • CostCenter or Project&Task for SaaS billing
  • Tier
    • Price tier for Project
  • Created by
    • name and surname of project creator
  • Date created
  • Resource state
    • NONE - no cloud resources in project
    • DONE - cloud resources available in project
  • SYNC ALL button enables synchronization of all Portal and Backend Projects
    • SYNC
      • enables synchronization of Portal and Backend Project

It's possible to search o filter projects entering at least 3 characters in top search line.

Admin All Companies

All Companies

All Companies List shows all Companies available in TDS Portal.

There are the following Company items listed in the view:

  • Name
    • Company Area (CA) name
  • Domain
    • DNS domain for listed CA
  • AreaID
    • ID of CA used in TDS Portal
  • Share Projects
    • There is a link to Shared Project in listed CA, where Shared SaaS can be placed
  • Billing Types
    • Billing Type selected for listed CA (possible options: None, Cost Center, Project & Task)

Pressing button (plus) user can create a new CA.

New Company Area

User needs to fill the following items to create a new CA in New Company Area dialog:

  • CA Name (mandatory)
    • the string has minimum 3 and maximum 25 alphanumeric chars
  • CA domain name (mandatory)
    • DNS zone of CA which is registered in TDS DNS
    • If the DNS zone is not available in TDS DNS, creating of New CA fails with error message 
    • the string has minimum 3 and maximum 253 chars, lower case a-z, digits 0-9 and the minus sign ('-')
  • Floating IP assignment (mandatory)
    • CA Servers will use Openstack public Floating IPs when the switch is enabled
    • CA Servers will use only OpenStack Fixed IPs when the switch is disabled
  • DNS Server IP address (mandatory)
    • DNS server IP address in form X.X.X.X which is available in CA network
    • it's necessary to confirm IP address pressing button ADD on the line
    • it's possible to add 2 DNS server IPs in the form
  • Server environment variable (optional)
    • key value pair separated with colon
    • the string has minimum 3 and maximum 253 chars (a-z,A-Z,0-9,+\:)
  • Billing type
    • possible options:
      • None
      • Cost Center
      • Project & Task
    • at least one selected is mandatory to create CA

Pressing button CREATE CA is created.

Admin All Users

TDS User can list or search TDS Portal users using that User List.

TDS Admin can see the following user properties:

  • User's first name and last name
  • User's username (unique in TDS portal, stored in LDAP and Portal DB)
  • User's email
  • SaaS Last Login
    • last login used using TDS LDAP
  • User's TDS portal role

Entering button (plus) TDS Admin can import new users into portal using CSV file.

CSV file line includes:

username, email, first_name, last_name, TDS Portal role

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