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Metsä Group

Thanks to project and user management consolidation in one-stop-shop we created traceability with
sense and costs optimization.

Metsä Group is a Finnish forest industry that operates in international markets and presents in about
30 countries. The company main focus is on wood products (paperboard, pulp, tissue, etc.) and wood
supply and forest services.


Due to many different environments and difficult traceability customer faced an unfavourable situation
with complicated cost flow and when licenses were duplicated.


New environments, credentials and licenses unified by Tieto DevOps Space platform with consolidated costs and improved traceability.


Consolidated project and user management in one-stop-shop. Project managers gained an ability to perform any project and user management thanks to Tieto. DevOps Space portal and users have got unified credentials with an ability to use Active Directory (AD) credentials for employees.

Licenses and costs optimized

Certified Tieto license managers saving a lot of effort and optimizing cost for the customer. Thanks to consolidated environments and users account licenses and costs were optimized.

Traceability with sense.

Tasks and activities became more accessible which helps to trace whatever progress easily for managers and also improve collaboration between all parties.

"Flexible schedule with good resources were the most driving factors.

The most positive references according to project delivery were migration,

which was done really fast and good cooperation between parties."
Phillips, Miia – Release Manager

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